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📝 Running 12 May 2021

The effects of working from home The UK went into its first proper COVID-induced lockdown back around March time last year. At this time…

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📝 My appearance in the Wales "35 Under 35" 26 April 2021

This is a bit of a vanity post, but back in December I was lucky enough to be included in the 2020 WalesOnline "35 Under 35". This list aims…

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📝 Six months of Invisalign 12 April 2021

Back in November I started an Invisalign course to help straighten my teeth. Invisalign works like traditional braces, but is instead formed…

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📝 PinePhone and PineTime 27 March 2021

Pre-ordering the PinePhone Beta Earlier this week I ordered a PinePhone, which recently became available as a Beta Edition. I've been…

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📝 Thoughts on minimalism, and what happens when I get mail 8 March 2021

Minimising possessions Like many people I these days try and live a minimal life when it comes to possessions. Having more stuff means there…

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📝 A Year Without Answering my Phone 18 February 2021

This month marks a year from when I decided to (mostly - see below) stop answering my phone. This was not because I wanted to be antisocial…

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A collection of links to interesting/useful/fun content.

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📝 Using Monica to Help Manage your Personal Relationships 7 February 2021

Many people no longer feel comfortable using Facebook. Whether you were never a member to begin with or you've had an account but chosen to…

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📝 Blogging for Devs 2 February 2021

A few months ago I discovered Blogging for Devs - I think through Product Hunt when it made it to #1 Product of the Day back in August last…

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📝 100 Days to Offload Challenge 29 January 2021

I know that I've been a bit crap at updating my blog properly and consistently over the past few years. One of my new year's resolutions…

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📝 Two Year Update 16 March 2017

I haven't written a post since summer 2015. It's now March 2017 and I thought I'd write an update very briefly covering the last couple of…

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📝 End of an Era 20 January 2015

I recently received confirmation of my completed PhD! I submitted my thesis in May 2014, passed my viva in September and returned my final…

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📝 A rather French week 31 August 2013

I recently spent a week in France as part of a holiday with some of my family. Renting houses for a couple of weeks in France or Italy each…

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📝 Decking Building 30 March 2013

A new decking I managed to turn about two tonnes of material into something vaguely resembling 'decking' in my back garden this weekend. It…

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