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Nightfall City

25 November 2021 (2 minute read)

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This article is one of a series of posts I have written for the 100 Days to Offload challenge. Disclaimer: The challenge focuses on writing frequency rather than quality, and so posts may not always be fully planned out!

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From the hills of Dusk’s End to the small alleys of Main Street, you feel drawn to the lights of this vibrant metropolis in an uncharted internet territory. The sign reads “Nightfall”.

Nightfall City

The Nightfall City Gemini capsule (also available via the web) is an internet community in which people can engage with each other and write blog posts and other long-form content.

The community is divided into different districts of Nightfall City: Main Street, Dusk’s End, and Writer’s Lane. These districts allow members (or “citizens”) to post links to their blog posts, zines, or other online articles. From what I can see, people tend to participate in the district or community that best fits them as an individual.

There is also the Midnight Pub - in a small alley just off Main Street. Here one can write posts and thoughts directly.

It’s late. You are seconds away from the main street in a small alley. It’s quieter here, but you can still hear the sound of chatter, footsteps, and cars from busy downtown. The city is buzzing, the streets are like arteries. You see an intriguing place in the alley, with a moon on its door. It reads “The Midnight Pub”.

The Midnight Pub

I won’t say much more about Nightfall City, or its various districts, as I can recommend taking some time to explore through yourself. I enjoy coming back every now and again to read some of the recent posts. It’s another of those great - yet quirky - corners of the internet.

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