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Command-line bookkeeping in Animal Crossing 23 May 2020

I recently stumbled across an article on Hacker News discussing the pros of basic personal accounting using GnuCash - a free and open-source…

Kubernetes Cluster: Essentials 2 February 2020

This note documents the set-up of a k8s cluster from scratch, including ingress and load-balanced TLS support for web applications. It's…

Go backends on Now 20 August 2019

ZEIT's Now service is great for deploying apps and APIs that are able to make use of serverless execution models, and I use it for many of…

Hue: Security Lights 18 August 2017

A previous note about Philips Hue bulbs got me thinking that the API exposed by the bridge might be used to warn if the house lights are…

Alexa, ask Sherlock... 19 July 2017

I have recently posted about CENode and how it might be used in IoT systems. Since CENode is partially designed to communicate directly with…

CENode in IoT 26 June 2017

In a previous note I discussed CENode and briefly mentioned its potential for use in interacting with the Internet of Things. I thought I'd…

CENode 22 June 2017

Whilst working on the ITA Project - a collaborative research programme between the UK MoD and the US Army Research Laboratory - over the…

Two Year Update 16 March 2017

I haven't written a post since summer 2015. It's now March 2017 and I thought I'd write an update very briefly covering the last couple of…

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