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🪴 About this website

This website is a space on the web in which I publish notes, blog posts, articles, projects, and more.

Like others similar to me, I consider my site to be part of the Small Web - a collection of personal “people-focused” websites away from the presence of “big tech” companies.

I believe that the more content provided to centralised platforms increases the uneven-ness of the web and gives custody of its information to a small number of big organisations.

Decentralisation ensures that the web stays belonging to everyone, and it allows information to flow more freely.

🤫 A note on privacy

I consider user privacy to be one of the most important factors when designing (and using) software - including websites.

I do not track visitors to this site but I do use a self-hosted and privacy-respecting Umami instance to understand where visitors arrive from and what content is viewed the most.

🤖 Technology

This is a static site built using Hugo - an open-source website generator.

I deploy the site using Vercel, which uses its network of CDN nodes to serve the static site assets.

The content and layout is hand-made by me. You can check out the source code if you’re interested.

ℹ️ Other remarks

The content on this site represents my own thoughts and opinions, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the people and companies I work with and for.