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🖖 Hello and welcome. I’m a tech lead/enthusiast based in Wales, UK. My main technical interests are indie and open-source projects, web technologies, serverless/Jamstack, and the slow web.

I enjoy 🏋️‍♂️ fitness, I love to ✈️ travel and explore new places, and I’m a 🐶 proud dog dad!

Quick background

💡 Since 2016 I have been Chief Technology Officer at enterprise SaaS company Simply Do Ideas. Before this I was a software engineer at Chaser.

📦 I build and maintain a number of projects - both open-source and commercial. I am a co-founder of Trialflare.

🎓 I completed my PhD at Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science & Informatics in 2015.

🤓 I worked on the IBM-led UK MoD and US Army Research Labs coalition ITA project as a postdoctoral research associate.

👨‍🏫 I lectured the Advanced Computer Science MSc module Web & Social Computing and the Computer Science BSc module Human-Computer Interaction

What’s on this website?

📝 I write about technology and things I find interesting on my blog (📥 RSS feeds available).

🌱 I curate a collection of thoughts, links and notes.

🚀 I (occasionally) publish additional content on my geminispace at gemini://wilw.capsule.town (see this post for help with opening this link).

👨‍💻 Some of my research publications are available here.

🪴 Find out more about this website and its purpose.

How to contact me

You can follow me on Mastodon (📣 @wilw@fosstodon.org) and Pixelfed (🖼️ @wilw@pixelfed.social).

You can also get in touch directly with me on Telegram (@wilw88).

Recent posts

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