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Current projects

Some of the things I am currently working on. Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about these (or if you'd like to help out or get involved!).


A webapp for managing, displaying, and sharing weaving projects.

Capsule Town

A free Vercel-like service for hosting your own Geminispace. Find out more by visiting gemini://capsule.town in your Gemini client. The link above will show the Gemini capsule through a web proxy service.

SSO Tools

A webapp for managing custom IdPs for testing and building out single sign-on and enterprise applications.



A command-line tool and RESTful API for backing-up and storing dotfiles and configuration files.

Previous projects

Some previous projects and open-sourced bits.


A project that supported simultaneous audio output (e.g. for music) across devices on a network. The project hooked into PulseAudio and made uss of RTP to broadcast sound to low-powered devices (such as a Raspberry Pi). Whilst I used to use this fairly frequently, the project is no longer being maintained.

Gower Tides

An Android app for displaying daily tidal patterns, along with weather and surf conditions, for the sea around the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. The app was aimed at surfers and other sea-users, and was available for several years on Google Play, but is now discontinued.

Health Explorer Wales

This project was undertaken as part of a team at the 2015 NHS Hackathon, and comprised a webapp that would attempt to automatically visualise available health and demographic data. For example, maps, timeseries, charts, etc. in order to make public data more accessible.

NZone Finder

An Android app for locating nearby public hotspots for Nintendo 3DS network services (e.g. StreetPass and SpotPass) on a convenient map. The project is now discontinued and is no longer available on Google Play.

Patients Please

Built as part of a team at the 2016 NHS Hackathon, this game is inspired by the indie game "Papers, Please", and is set in an emergency ward in a hospital. The game (Unity frontend and Python backend) was designed to highlight the stress and toll placed on clinicians working in such wards, with players needing to manage queuing, triage, bed space, progressive illnesses, and more. We won the Patient Involvement Award.


A Go wrapper for the Weka machine-learning toolkit - supporting a number of basic classification tasks. The source is still available and usable, but has not been maintained in some time.


Like WekaGo, except for Python instead of Go.