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Last updated 19 June 2021 (4 months ago)🏷️ #technology🏷️ #design🏷️ #life🏷️ #fun

This page contains links to interesting things on the web. I plan to add more over time.


  • Cab Ride - A game in which you drive a train through a never-ending landscape.
  • A Single Div - Artwork by applying advanced CSS to a single <div> element.
  • Freesound - A collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.


  • Boring Avatars - User avatar generation.
  • Egg Gradients - A collection of nicely designed (and well-named) colour gradients for use in projects.
  • unDraw - A great collection of open-source illustrations with customisable colour schemes.
  • Recursive font - A flexible and customisable font face - for monospace, cursive, and general use.
  • Happy Hues - A collection of colour schemes, shown in context in mock interfaces.
  • Pattern.css - CSS library for applying patterns to websites/apps.

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