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A little trip to A&E

3 November 2021 (24 days ago)🏷️ #100daystooffload🏷️ #life

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On Sunday I slipped and fell in the pouring rain. I landed hard on my side and ended up dislocating my shoulder.

I didn't really want to try risking it and putting it back in myself (sensibly, as it turns out!), so I got a taxi to A&E (an emergency ward in UK NHS hospitals). I was lucky enough to be seen within a few minutes; I then had examinations, had X-rays, and was given gas. When the doctor got round to me, he managed to push it back into position after a few minutes of moving it around - accompanied by a very loud click.

I was sent home in a sling and now have a couple of weeks of physio ahead. I'm lucky that this was the first time I've ever actually needed to visit A&E - for myself, at least.

It's a little ironic that I had just written about exercising and keeping active, and now I'm going to be out of full action for a little while!

Below you can see a picture (taken a few minutes after the fall) showing my left arm a little lower than where it's meant to be!

Checking out my dodgy shoulder


This article is part of a collection of posts involved in the #100DaysToOffload series. As such it may have been written quickly and should be considered more as a thought "dump" rather than a fully-fledged essay. Thanks for reading!

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