Thoughts, links, and notes

I try to think in the open, where possible. This page contains (the start of) a digital garden of scratchpads, links, thoughts, and notes. View my blog if you're looking for more of a post stream.

📔 Books (last updated 2 February 2021)

Notes on some of the books I read, including my favourite authors.

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📔 Design (last updated 9 April 2022)

Links and resources for design inspiration

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📔 Geminispace (last updated 20 January 2021)

Information on my Geminispace, and what I keep there.

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📔 Ideas (last updated 9 April 2022)

A scratchpad collection of ideas.

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📔 Links (last updated 9 April 2022)

A collection of links to interesting/useful/fun content.

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📔 💵 Plain Text Accounting (last updated 9 February 2021)

Information, software, and links about plain text accounting.

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📔 Podcasts (last updated 8 April 2022)

A collection of podcasts I frequently listen to.

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📔 Selfhosting (last updated 9 April 2022)

Things I host and run myself, and some ramblings.

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📔 Uses (last updated 10 April 2022)

Software, tools, systems I use

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