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Simple Ledger visualisations using Python 24 April 2022

If you’re a current follower of this blog then you may already know that I’m a bit of a fan of using plain text accounting for managing finances. I mainly use the Ledger text file format a... (7 minute read)

Stripping sensitive EXIF data from uploaded images 28 August 2021

The problem with image uploads Many services - including web and mobile apps - allow for their users to upload imagery. This could be to enable users to upload an avatar image or perhaps create a gall... (7 minute read)

Making your Python Flask app serverless 28 February 2021

Python’s Flask framework is an easy and excellent tool for writing web applications. Its in-built features and ecosystem of supporting packages let you create extensible web APIs, handle data an... (8 minute read)

WekaPy 12 June 2013

Over the last few months, I’ve started to use Weka more and more. Weka is a toolkit, written in Java, that I use to create models with which to make classifications on data sets. It features a w... (2 minute read)

Contribution to Heroku Dev Center 7 May 2013

The Heroku Dev Center is a repository of guides and articles to provide support for those writing applications to be run on the Heroku platform. I recently contributed an article for carrying out Dire... (1 minute read)

AJAX + Python + Amazon S3 5 April 2013

I wanted a way in which users can seamlessly upload images for use in the Heroku application discussed in previous posts. Ideally, the image would be uploaded through AJAX as part of a data-entry form... (2 minute read)