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📝 Developing Useful APIs for the Web 5 February 2015

Yesterday, I gave a talk about my experiences with developing and using RESTful APIs, with the goal of providing tips for structuring such…

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📝 Talk on Open-Source Contribution 26 March 2014

Today I gave an internal talk at the School of Computer Science & Informatics about open-source contribution. The talk described some of…

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📝 Seminar at King's College London 28 January 2014

Last week, I was invited to give a seminar to the Agents and Intelligent Systems group in the Department of Informatics at King's College…

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📝 Workshop Presentation in Germany 5 October 2013

Last week I visited Karlsruhe, in Germany, to give a presentation accompanying a recently-accepted paper. The paper, "Inferring the…

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📝 Seminar: Retweeting 10 October 2012

I gave a seminar on my current research phase. I summarised my work over the past few months; in particular, the work on the network…

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