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Developing Useful APIs for the Web 5 February 2015

Yesterday, I gave a talk about my experiences with developing and using RESTful APIs, with the goal of providing tips for structuring such interfaces so that they work in a useful and sensible way. I ... (1 minute read)

Talk on Open-Source Contribution 26 March 2014

Today I gave an internal talk at the School of Computer Science & Informatics about open-source contribution. The talk described some of the disadvantages of the ways in which hobbyists and the no... (1 minute read)

Seminar at King's College London 28 January 2014

Last week, I was invited to give a seminar to the Agents and Intelligent Systems group in the Department of Informatics at King’s College London. I gave an overview of my PhD research conducted ... (1 minute read)

Workshop Presentation in Germany 5 October 2013

Last week I visited Karlsruhe, in Germany, to give a presentation accompanying a recently-accepted paper. The paper, “Inferring the Interesting Tweets in Your Network”, was in the proceedi... (1 minute read)

Seminar: Retweeting 10 October 2012

I gave a seminar on my current research phase. I summarised my work over the past few months; in particular, the work on the network structure of Twitter, the way in which tweets propagate through dif... (1 minute read)