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Workshop Presentation in Germany

5 October 2013 (8 years ago)🏷️ #talk🏷️ #research

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Last week I visited Karlsruhe, in Germany, to give a presentation accompanying a recently-accepted paper. The paper, "Inferring the Interesting Tweets in Your Network", was in the proceedings of the Workshop on Analyzing Social Media for the Benefit of Society (Society 2.0), which was part of the Third International Conference on Social Computing and its Applications (SCA).

Although I only attended the first workshop day, there was a variety of interesting talks on social media and crowdsourcing. My own talk went well and there was some useful feedback from the attendees.

I presented my recent work on the use of machine learning techniques to help in identifying interesting information in Twitter. I rounded up some of the results from the Twinterest experiment we ran a few months ago and discussed how this helped address the notion of information relevance as an extension to global interestingness.

I hadn't been to Germany before this, so it was also a culturally-interesting visit. I was only there for two nights but I tried to make the most of seeing some of Karlsruhe and enjoying the traditional food and local beers!

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