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📝 NHS Hack Day 27 January 2015

This weekend I took part in the NHS Hack Day. The idea of the event is to bring healthcare professionals together with technology…

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📝 eartub.es 25 April 2013

Last weekend I went to CFHack Open Sauce Hackathon. I worked in a team with Chris, Ross and Matt. We started work on eartub.es, which is a…

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📝 Cardiff Open Sauce Hackathon 11 April 2013

Next week I, along with others in a team, am taking part in Cardiff Open Sauce Hackathon. If you're in the area and feel like joining in for…

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📝 DigiSocial Hackathon 20 September 2012

We recently held our DigiSocial Hackathon. This was a collaboration between the Schools of Computer Science and Social Sciences and was…

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