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NHS Hack Day 27 January 2015

This weekend I took part in the NHS Hack Day. The idea of the event is to bring healthcare professionals together with technology enthusiasts in order to build stuff that is useful for those within th... (3 minute read)

eartub.es 25 April 2013

Last weekend I went to CFHack Open Sauce Hackathon. I worked in a team with Chris, Ross and Matt. We started work on eartub.es, which is a web application for suggesting movies based on their sound tr... (2 minute read)

Cardiff Open Sauce Hackathon 11 April 2013

Next week I, along with others in a team, am taking part in Cardiff Open Sauce Hackathon. If you’re in the area and feel like joining in for the weekend then sign up at the link above. he hackat... (1 minute read)

DigiSocial Hackathon 20 September 2012

We recently held our DigiSocial Hackathon. This was a collaboration between the Schools of Computer Science and Social Sciences and was organised by myself and a few others. The website for the event ... (2 minute read)