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Android: Consuming Nintendo Hotspot Data 27 May 2015

I recently blogged about Nintendo Hotspot data and mentioned it could be more usefully consumable in a native mobile app. As such, I wrote a small Android app for retrieving this data and displaying i... (1 minute read)

Nintendo's Hotspot 'API' 12 May 2015

Since getting a DS, StreetPass has become quite addictive. It’s actually pretty fun checking the device after walking through town or using public transport to see a list of Miis representing th... (3 minute read)

Gower Tides v1.4 31 July 2013

Last week I released a new version of the tides Android app I’m currently developing. The idea of the application was initially to simply display the tidal times and patterns for the Gower Penin... (2 minute read)

Magic Seaweed's Awesome New API 3 July 2013

Back in March, I emailed Magic Seaweed to ask them if they had a public API for their surf forecast data. They responded that they didn’t at the time, but that it was certainly on their to-do li... (2 minute read)

Gower Tides Open-Sourced 26 May 2013

This is just a quick post to mention that I have made the source for the Gower Tides app on Google Play public. The source repository is available on GitHub. From the repository I have excluded: Image... (1 minute read)

Gower Tides App Released 7 March 2013

A few posts back, I talked about the development of an Android app for tide predictions for South Wales. This app is now on Google Play. If you live in South Wales and are vaguely interested in tides/... (1 minute read)

Delving into Android 13 November 2012

I’ve always been interested in the development of smartphone apps, but have never really had the opportunity to actually hava a go. Whilst I’m generally OK with development on platforms I ... (3 minute read)