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I have been involved in a number of research projects.

NIS/DAIS-ITA project


The ITA program is a research project undertaken by a coalition between the UK MoD and US Army Research Labs, led by IBM. Whilst on this project I worked closely wth IBM Emerging Technology on Controlled English and machine task assignment - particularly the CENode library and engine.

PhD: Inferring interestingness in online social networks


My PhD research (looking into the ‘unfiltered feed’ problem in online social networks) resulted in a number of key academic outputs and my thesis.


Automation Bias with a Conversational Interface

Erin Zaroukian, Jonathan Z Bakdash, Alun Preece, Will Webberley

IEEE International InterDisciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support (CogSIMA), 2017

Conversational Homes

Nick O'Leary, David Braines, Alun David Preece, William Webberley

IARIA, 2017

Conversational homes: a uniform natural language approach for collaboration among humans and devices

Dave Braines, Nick O'Leary, Anna Thomas, Daniel Harborne, Alun Preece, Will Webberley

International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, 2017

Sentinel: A codesigned platform for semantic enrichment of social media streams

Alun Preece, Irena Spasić, Kieran Evans, David Rogers, William Webberley, Colin Roberts, Martin Innes

IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, 2017

SHERLOCK: Experimental evaluation of a conversational agent for mobile information tasks

Alun Preece, William Webberley, Dave Braines, Erin G Zaroukian, Jonathan Z Bakdash

IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 2017

Conversational intelligence analysis

A Toniolo, AD Preece, W Webberley, TJ Norman, P Sullivan, T Dropps

17th International Conference on Distributed Computing, 2016

From open source communications to knowledge

Alun Preece, Colin Roberts, David Rogers, Will Webberley, Martin Innes, Dave Braines

Next-Generation Analyst, 2016

Human computer collaboration at the edge: Enhancing collective situation understanding with controlled natural language

Alun David Preece, William Webberley, Dave Braines, Erin Zaroukian, Jonathan Bakdash

, 2016

Retweeting beyond expectation: Inferring interestingness in Twitter

WM Webberley, SM Allen, RM Whitaker

Computer Communications, 2016

Conversational sensemaking

A Preece, W Webberley, D Braines

Next-Generation Analyst III, 2015

Tasking the tweeters: Obtaining actionable information from human sensors

Alun Preece, Will Webberley, Dave Braines

Ground/Air Multisensor Interoperability, Integration, and Networking for Persistent ISR VI, 2015

Inferring the interesting tweets in your network

W Webberley, SM Allen, RM Whitaker

2013 International Conference on Cloud and Green Computing, 2013

Retweeting: A Study of Message-Forwarding in Twitter

W Webberley, S Allen, R Whitaker

2011 Workshop on Mobile and Online Social Networks, 2011