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Cross-publishing web content to Gemini 1 June 2023

My personal website is generated using Hugo, which allows me to write nearly all of the actual content itself in plain markdown files. I also maintain a Gemini capsule (hosted at gemini://wilw.capsule... (2 minute read)

Capsule.Town 27 July 2021

The Gemini protocol has gathered even more momentum in the few months since I last posted about it. Its popularity is largely driven by its privacy-focused and content-oriented design. It doesn’... (2 minute read)

Geminispace Updated 20 January 2021

Gemini is a newer internet protocol designed to provide a more lightweight, privacy- and content-focused experience. For more information I recommend reading this blog post about it. I try not to repl...

Project Gemini 20 January 2021

Over the past few months I have been trying to use centralised “big tech” social media platforms less and instead immerse myself into the more community-driven “fediverse” of d... (3 minute read)