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Accidental Tech Podcast

26 July 2021 (1 minute read)

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I listen to a number of podcasts each week. One of these is ATP (Accidental Tech Podcast).

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This is one of my favourite weekly podcasts. It’s humurous and full of cutting-edge discussion from the tech world, and I always look forward to new episodes.

The episodes are primarily Apple focused, which is fine for me since I’m a big user of Apple products. Some episodes are more technical than others - discussing programming and development approaches - whilst others are focused more on user-facing items.

Episodes also include lots of informal chit-chat about general tech (electric vehicles, drones, networks, and more). It’s easy listening, and perfect for when out walking or exercising.

I can definitely recommend trying it out. It should come up in your podcast app if you search for “ATP”. I use Overcast on iOS (which was created by one of the ATP hosts), and if you do also you can subscribe at this link.

There is also an option to become an ATP member, which gives you unedited and ad-free versions of the show (along with other benefits).

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