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18 February 2013 (1 minute read)

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javascript project technology

I’ve taken to writing most of my recent presentations in plain HTML (rather than using third-party software or services). I used JavaScript to handle the appearance and ordering of slides.

I bundled the JS into a single script, js/scriptslide.js which can be configured using the js/config.js script.

There is a GitHub repo for the code, along with example usage and instructions.

Most configuration can be done by using the js/config.js script, which supports many features including:

  • Set the slide transition type (appear, fade, slide)
  • Set the logos, page title, etc.
  • Configure the colour scheme

Then simply create an HTML document, set some other styles (there is a template in css/styles.css), and put each slide inside <section>...</section> tags. The slide menu is then generated autmatically when the page is loaded.

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